Shotgun with Glitters   is a core team of seven game enthusiasts complemented by collaborators from various parts of Europe.
All of us have been working in the game industry for several years
and been gamers all our lives.

We’re missing the games in which you need to think, and not only kill to survive. So we decided to create one – a voxel style survival horror adventure with mindblowing puzzles. We are a small team, each working in the game industry for several years, and we’ve been gamers since  Pirates!, Maniac Mansion, Wasteland, Prince of Persia and the all-time favourite: Alone in the Dark.

Days and nights because it’s fun


Twitter: @ThePadreGame

Shotgun with Glitters LLC.
616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4437
Valley Cottage, NY 10989

We are thankful for every social share or donation, for supporting us in the development of ‘The Padre’.


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