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Shotgun with Glitters

Release date:
2018 Q1

Windows, macOS, Linux – Steam, GoG

iOS, Android



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Staring at my cold gun...

Waiting for the mind blowing experience

As a priest, it is the greatest sin

Yet inevitable

Now that I look back, I can see the reason behind every step I took.

Giving up my own life and sacrificing my immortal soul

Finally has a meaning....


A Catholic Priest Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice....

..and you get control of this Demon hunter Priest 12 hours before the event. Lucky day I guess. Will you be able to cheat your destiny in this corrupted fairy tale? I’m not sure, but one thing I believe. You will MAKE whoever made you do this PAY…..A LOT.

About The Padre:

You are THE Padre and have one job- to eliminate the weeds out of the garden of God. You are stuck in an infested demonic mansion, to do the shoveling with your guns, your faith, or even your bare hands. An unknown presence is watching, waiting to smash your armor of faith into dust. The Padre is a 3D Point-and-Click Survival Adventure that combines a deep and evocative narrative with slaughtering monsters and solving puzzles, delivered through various gloomy voxelized scenes in a Lovecraftian atmosphere.

“Classic Resident Evil goes Voxel” - Heiny 'Indie' Reimes

“Death is not the worst thing that can happen to men, it is not playing Padre”

“Minecraft meets Devil May Cry”


“Maniac Mansion meets Minecraft”- Patrick Hickey Jr. author, “The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews With Cult and Classic Video Game Developers”





Survive more than 200 atmospheric scenes of horror. Each room has a new challenge for you; each enemy stands for a different kind of death. Discover the Padre’s story by collecting the pieces of his destiny and reveal secrets to understand his fate.




Polished voxel graphics for cartoon realistic gloominess.

Tons of funny and bizarre references to legendary games and pop culture gems, as a tribute to and acknowledgement for them.

This game is about experience. Feel the grinding haunted Mansion. Feel the story of the main character as it slowly comes to light. Feel the grip of loneliness. Feel how fate becomes inevitable.



Every voxel has been created with care, around a story of twists and turns which leads to an absolutely astonishing ending.

The Padre is not an easy game suitable for anyone - in the vein of LucasArts classics and Alone in the Dark, it’s a difficult journey, designed specifically for gamers keen on solving complicated puzzles through a lengthy gameplay experience.






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